Bank Instrument Providers

The Standby Letter of Credit and Bank Guarantee are provided by our bank to the beneficiary’s account/bank. It is transmitted interbank only through SWIFT (MT760). The beneficiary can use the instrument for credit enhancement or as a payment guarantee for trade positions. At the end of the agreement, the beneficiary must return the bank guarantee without any encumbrances or liens and indemnify us against any loss. The contract can be extended for up to 5 or 10 years, depending on the beneficiary’s strength and our due diligence.

Our Bank Guarantees and Standby Letter of Credit are available from $/€5 million to $/€10 billion. Amounts over $/€250 million can be achieved in stages. (leave us your info for under $/€5 million and we’ll direct you to the best company). The instruments are issued from AAA rated banks and widely accepted worldwide, with some exceptions based on our previous experience and relationships. The applicant/beneficiary can submit their verbiage for review, but our bank’s standard verbiage will be used unless approved. The contract fee is 3% to 8%, determined by our due diligence and the contract size.

New York, New York, USA