Hire – Part Time Assistant Property Manager

I’m looking for a responsible person (College Students welcome) with a car to be my contact on the ground in and around your area. You’ll schedule and meet with contractors who will provide estimates for us. This is a great opportunity to learn and earn..

Generally speaking you’re…

  • Comfortable with people
  • Take video and pictures on your phone to send.
  • Comfort with a computer to share photos online
  • You’ll track your work done and hours online.
  • You’ll search for nearby carpenters / contractors to provide quotes.
  • Energetic and enthusiastic.
  • Your Pay is $30 / hour.
  • Send me a whatsapp with your interest
    • +972542376611
    • SMS to Cell: 516-244-2216
    • Direct Call : 226-778-8200

Our company invests in homes in the Orlando area. We buy on auction. You’ll be our eyes on the ground. Here are the steps.

  • Visit the home when auction is won to take pictures and provide your review. Knock on the door to see if previous owner still there.
  • If necessary you’ll submit paperwork to sheriffs office and if tenanted will meet with locksmith and sheriff at house to take physical ownership.
  • You’ll put a lockbox on door with the newly made keys
  • You’ll review the interior and exterior and create a to do list of renovations needed.
  • You’ll gather quotes and hire the right carpenters for the job.
  • You’ll review the work done to approve payment & answer any questions on site visits throughout the process.
  • You’ll take final photos to post on MLS listing for sale.