Title Searcher for liens

I am an investor on foreclosures and research approximately 30 + properties /month. I put the addresses in a google spreadsheet and I need you to simply enter the total amount of liens on the property in a cell. The spreadsheet can be shared with you here. It automatically tally’s the month’s searches for your monthly payment. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/14PtpKHlmZ07Wpxc6jlOZI6RMr1NEdi9B4fNXtBfR7a8/edit#gid=1014277780

I do not need a full report on the property, I only want a single number of total “liens” shown in the spreadsheet. You’ll be inputting the figures live 1 to 2 hours before the auction begins to confirm they have not been cancelled.

To hire you, I need to know your experience and test you on 1 or 2 properties to make sure I am comfortable with your work. please use the contact form here to reach back out to me. Include your email to share the google spreadsheet and your WhatsApp cell to live chat and train you on the nuances until you’re comfortable.