We’re hiring a Remote RFP / RFQ submitter.

We will provide you access to our organized database where we will assign you an RFP to respond to. The database is easy to use where you’ll find a link to the formal RFP, a list of vendors contacts to work with, and a place to save documents, and easily log notes

The RFP’s we respond to have a “Deliverable” section typically 1-2 pages or less. This is the key crux of the request and it is this you will focus on fulfilling. Typically you will send our vendor this list of requirments and have them assess to respond with price and delivery.

Once we have a quote, we’ll make sure the vendor’s payment terms match the RFPs terms and insurance requirements.

You will then use our accounting software to write up the quote and submit our RFP response with our profit mark up easily online.

The length of our RFP submissions are often just a 1 page price quote and a few pages of pre-filled references and company details easily remitted.

It goes without say, the encumbant applicant is educated with at least an undergraduate degree or the like and capable of reading RFP’s and understanding requirements along with the ability to converse with vendors to match their needs. Often the vendor’s sales rep are knowledgable of their own equipment & services they provide and you’re job will be to affirm the requirements are properly met. You’ll be the go between if needed emailing the RFP contact any questions to clarify requirements and flexibility.

There will be a trial period of 3 submissions to evaluate our working relationship is a match.

Compensation for the trial period is $25/submission + $250 bonus for each offer won.
After the trial period is over, full compensation will be negotiated once both sides have a real sense of the work and synergy

Joshua Pinto
Zoom ID : 504 948 9979
Google Meet: shefahgroup@gmail.com