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Shefah Group Trade Financial Instruments


The client pays a fee for each year that the letter is valid. Typically, the fee is 1% to 10% of the total obligation per year.1

Generally, fees are deducted from the proceeds when monetizing so there are no forthright expenses to you. Masterminding instruments typically results in escrowed fees or when universally organized, a MT 103/23 will suffice. At the point when all components are set up, monetizing your instrument ought to be a protected option in contrast to conventional type financing.

What We Offer

For the business that is presented with our SLOC, one of the greatest advantage is the potential ease of getting out of that worst-case scenario. If an agreement calls for payment within 30 days of delivery and the payment is not made, the seller can present the SLOC to the buyer’s bank for payment. Thus, the seller is guaranteed to be paid. Another advantage for the seller is that the SBLC reduces the risk of the production order being changed or canceled by the buyer.

An SBLC helps ensure that the buyer will receive the goods or service that’s outlined in the document.

Another advantage when involved in global trade, a buyer has an increased certainty that the goods will be delivered from the seller.

Standby Letter of Credit

A standby letter of credit (SLOC) reassures another party during a business transaction. The SLOC guarantees that a bank will financially back the buyer in the event that they can't complete their sales agreement. A SLOC can offer protection for the selling party in the event of a bankruptcy.

Letter of Credit

Bank Guarantee

* Shipping guarantees: Given to the carrier for a shipment that arrives before documents.
* Loan guarantees: Financial obligation if the borrower defaults.
* Advanced payment guarantees: To back up a contract's performance.
* Confirmed payment guarantees: A specific amount is paid by the bank to a beneficiary on behalf of the client by a certain date.

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